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Jianzhan's Material

Raw glaze ore, clay, and other natural substances; the pattern was naturally and automatically formed in the kiln under high temperatures around 1300℃. so the pattern of each cup is slightly different, not the same; and the color maybe will be a little deeper or lighter to each one. so each Jianzhan cup is special and unique.

Jianzhan's culture

 Jianzhan cup is not a modern cup, it has a long-term history, its technology of making revert from Chinese song dynasty, today only a few makers could make it. In ancient times, Jianzhan was only used by the Queen and the Noble.

100% Handmade

Each piece is unique, fired at high temperatures, and the glaze is formed naturally. Each piece of texture is ever-changing and different. Comfortable to hold has a good anti-scalding effect and beautiful lines. Add visual experience, is the first choice for gifts, collectibles.

Valuable - This China Tea Cup is a vintage craft.

Jianzhan's value

Jianzhan's value: Jianzhan with thick walls to avoid hot liquid burning your hands; it also changes the taste of tea, softening the water, compared to a porcelain glazed cup; The color of enamel will change with infusions after frequent use.

Gift box packing

It is come with a nice color box, a perfect gift for your friends and family.

Applications: Tea, Ceremony, Matcha, Coffee, Wine, Water, Cappuccino; or for decoration: Home, Office, Club, Livingroom, Lobby, Kitchen.

How to maintain Jianzhan?

After use, pour the remaining tea from the cup, then rinse the cup with boiling water, turn it upside down to dry, or dry it with a paper towel. If there is a tea stain in the cup, you can use baking soda or toothpaste to clean it. Do not let the tea soup sit in the cup for too long, and the cup needs to be kept dry when not in use




We are always passionate about creation, we focus on your experience. We rely on soil methods to make it. For a long time, these traditional Jianzhan teacups have become people's favorite teacups. Not only are they precious and rare, but they can also bring you a better tea experience. Made from the local minerals given by nature, it is extremely natural. We are willing to tell the world the story of the craftsman's inheritance and the development of the craftsman's spirit. Share the treasures that nature has given us to the world!

Our craftsmen are very professional

Jianzhan teacups have high requirements for craftsmanship, so the craftsmen we work with are all very experienced. After many years of training, they have good skills and create many admirable works every year. This is also an important reason why we are famous in the industry. 

What is the difference between Jianzhan and ordinary teacups?

Drinking tea with Jianzhan is because the method of "tea tasting" pays attention to tea quality, water quality, and skills. In order to create the best tea-tasting effect, not only good tea quality and skill but also high-quality teacups are required. Jianzhan is the most suitable tea set for drinking tea, and the feeling of drinking tea with Jianzhan will be much better than using ordinary teacups, and the water quality is softer and sweeter.



Jianzhan teacup is an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. We are honored to share Jianzhan Tenmokuart Teacup with the world. Therefore, we have been creating the best Jianzhan teacups. We firmly believe that the world will love it too!

Time to have a cup of your favorite tea and make the time more beautiful.

Here at Tenmokuart, we are ready to provide our customers best service and let our customers have the best tea experience.