Why is Jianzhan Tianmu so special?

24.01.2022 | dil

First of all, it is purely handmade.

The hand-made feel feels heavier, because the blank is hand-made, so the height, size, and weight of the work are not the same. It is for this reason that the shape of the handcraft can be varied or specially customized. Moreover, the density of the hand-made carcass is better, and it is not easy to deform, and the fired building is also more ideal.

Art value

In addition, handmade has poured the artistic soul of Jianzhan masters and has more artistic value. Not only is it thick, but also has an indescribable history and culture.

The production characteristics of Jianzhan

Its characteristic is the black glaze of the iron tire. The porcelain clay of the Jianzhou kiln has high iron content and is rich in other metal elements. The texture of the tire is sticky and soft. Fired together, they can only be fired one by one. The number of firings in each kiln is small, the efficiency is relatively low, and the bottom cannot be hung with glaze and has a dripping shape; at the same time, the effect of hanging the glaze is relatively poor, so thick The tire upturned buckle is dipped in the glaze as a whole, unlike other kilns, which can be finely glazed with a brush, so the enamel of the building is uneven, the overall dipping glaze is often over-glazed, and the glaze drips or slips off during firing. The kiln soil rich in trace elements forms a variety of kiln changes. The main kilns are partridge spots, oil droplets, rabbit hair, wolf hair, etc. The most advanced is Yaobian Tianmu.
The reason why Jianzhan is popular is because of its rough, unrestrained, and uncontrolled appearance. Naturalness and beauty are the most appropriate to describe Jianzhan. There are very few black glazed porcelain in the world of porcelain, but Jianzhan has achieved the ultimate in black glaze.
Therefore, Jianzhan Tianmu teacup is very collectible and worth owning.